Product Ingeneer

Hello, I am Abir, a citizen of the world and passionate about life, challenges and nature. I am Tunisian, I am 35 years-old, married and a mother since a few months. I used to play volleyball for years, and then I discovered running: This practice is accessible to everyone, no matter the age, the time and the place.. I joined Decathlon 10 years ago. After 7 years of intense experience in Production, I decided to discover more the backstage of the conception and to be a part of The EVADICT adventure! So I took my luggages and moved to France: this wonderful land of varied and fascinating landscapes! At Evadict, I am a product engineer for Textile, particularly sensitive to sustainable development. My job is to develop and validate our exclusive, technical, sustainable and accessible trail products. I love to be in connection with the different actors, from the project team, the users, the industrial univers and the producers! I have learned a lot and I continue to learn, about others as well as myself! I can’t wait to participate to Trail again and to go for a getaway, in short distance for the pleasure of breathing in new places!