DUMAS Annabelle

Quality Manager

After 3 years in automotive industry, I joined Decathlon in 2008. Footwear Engineer, then Production Leader in China for footwear. I came back as Quality Manager for Kalenji Sports. From 2019, I am belonging to the amazing EVADICT team as Technical Director and Quality Manager. I have the responsability of the conception team, the Design Policy strategy and the Customer Satisfaction. To develop technical and attractive products to make Trail Running accessible for all and to make jumping Evadict as a leader of the Trail Running market are my daily motivations. I was always practicing running as complementary sport of the tennis that I practiced in competition from my childhood, I took part in student running races and I completely switched in running after being mum. Trail running was for me an evidence to challenge myself to lengthen the distance and to match it with my travels passion. I practice short trail races, and I dream to achieve a “marathon” distance in Trail running.