CamillE Thiré monnier

His express CV :

My top 5 Trail results:
– 1st Trail du Bout du Monde 2019 (57 km)
– 1st Trail des légendes de Brocéliande 2018 and
2019 (47 km)
– 1st Trail From Nantes to MONTAIGU 2019 and 2021
(50 km)
– 1st Trail de Guerlédan, 2018
– 11th at the Templiers, 2018
I also ran the 10km in 35mn28s and the marathon in 2h50mn55s
ITRA Coast 626

Versaillaise, nantaise and martiniquaise !

I am 30 years old, I was born in Versailles and I live in Nantes. I am married and I have a 5 year old boy. I work for Airbus like Melanie Finas, whom you will meet in a few days, but no, we don’t live in a big flat together, she lives in Toulouse! I guess there’s something about this company that attracts female runners too 😉When I was younger, I was a real “backpacker” as they say, 10k, semi… It was my favorite playground until I got pregnant and put my sneakers back on afterwards, in 2017. I wanted something else, not to be so much on the clock, and the trail seemed to be perfect for that. Of course I didn’t know at the time that it would become a competition so quickly. I come from a family where my father is very sporty, a bit of running but mostly cycling. But I started at 14 years old with the cross-country races in high school which did not disgust me at all. On the contrary, I even took a license at the Stade Brestois! Cross country… track… I am a perfect example of the athletics school. After one year, we moved with our family to Martinique but I continued to train. I even did a year of pole vaulting, that’s how much I wanted to discover and test everything. But the island is known for its sprinters and it’s not by chance. I am often alone to train in middle-distance. When I was 18, I started to run but very quickly the higher studies, as often, put a brake on my sporting desires. I even put on 10kg at that time!

It’s when I came back to Nantes where I still live that I got back on track. It must be said that I met my man that year, who is a great sportsman (Jordan Thiré, not to mention him!). In addition, in his family they are all cyclists or almost (my brother-in-law was even a professional, that’s saying something!). The healthy lifestyle, the fact of practicing sports is part of their life and I’m going back to his side. The trail has done me a lot of good to learn to manage my stress. I try to be discreet about it, but in reality, running on the road only accentuated this state of affairs. Starting with the idea of a precise time… I was putting my spleen in the boiling water as our grandmothers used to say and when you already have a very busy life as a woman, it was too much to bear. I needed a fun activity first and foremost and also to see how far my body was capable of taking me. Searching for your limits can be very interesting and rewarding.

From the road to the paths... And vice versa!

Now let’s be clear, I am not a mountain runner! That’s why I prefer the Ecotrail to more technical races and especially with more difference in altitude. I live in Nantes, I am lucid, if I want to perform, I should train on the same type of terrain and therefore I should move. I can’t do everything at the moment and I like running above all. Besides, I’ve started to run a little bit again so as not to lose speed. It’s not easy to get back into it after several years of trail running but I’m not giving up! I must admit that my first podium (Camille finished 2nd in the Ecotrail de Paris this year) on such a long distance, a distance I never did before, is very encouraging. I’m going to stay on more reasonable distances for the moment with the 63 Trail du Guerlédan in June and the 56 Raid du Morbihan. I should also take part in the French Short Trail Championships (organized during the Pastourelle) and of course the Trail du tour des Fiz with my friends! And I will finish the year in the sun with the Valence marathon, in order to vary the pleasures.

This will be my second one, my first one was in La Rochelle last year with a very nice and unexpected 2h55 with my man. I didn’t do any specific preparation, we were supposed to go to Fort de France for the half marathon. But as everyone may remember, the end of the year was a bit complicated there and we had to cancel. Totally bummed out we looked for a plan B and registered in La Rochelle on Friday for Sunday! I had so much fun during the race that my man gave me the bib for Valencia for Christmas. The opportunity for us to go and try a time trial since it is considered very rolling but also to enjoy the destination that we do not know.

Paradoxically enough my worst memory to date is my Ecotrail which certainly ended well in terms of ranking but which also convinced me that this distance was a little too long for me at the moment. I suffered too much to get this place and frankly for the moment I am not ready to do it again. The notion of pleasure must always take precedence over the rest for me and that day the pleasure was not there. In 2018, on the trail of Guerlédan precisely, on the 63km, I had lived this ideal race from start to finish with moreover my son at the arrival to cross the line with me. It is also to live these moments that I run, not only for a prize list.

Among my dream races, I must admit that the Diagonale des Fous is on my list and of course the Transmartinique since I am a Martinican at heart. I’m ” piqued at the islands “, this explains it! And I know that I will find the same type of terrain and altitude difference. Joining this Evadict team was a real surprise. I thought at first that Thierry (Breuil of course!) had the wrong Camille when he called me! I would never have imagined that one day I would be part of such a team with such names and CVs. Clearly it boosts me to train more, to surpass myself more, I am perfectly aware of it. Being part of a group also means that I am not necessarily alone on the starting line and that is very pleasant. To make an individual sport collective, it is really a great happiness that I enjoy every day.

Article written by Cecile Bertin, Run Fit & Fun.