BONIN Cyrille

Product Manager

Passionate about mountains and hiking, one day I told myself that if I ran, I would see more things, more landscapes…. So I started to run, short distances, then longer, and very very long (UTMB, GRAND RAID des Pyrénées, Diagonale des fous, Ultra tail Monte Rosa…), until I went to do the Tor des Géants. The combination of psychological, mental, strategic and physical dimensions related to ultra endurance fascinate me. “After all, the only limit we have is the one we give ourselves”. And as I like to laugh, there are always anecdotes to tell about long distances at the end of the races….the EVADICT team knows it well. It doesn’t matter the distance, the difference in altitude, the technicality of the terrain, the ranking, what is important for me every time I do a run or a race is to have fun and to be in nature to be able to play and be in connection with it… I am passionate about trail running and for me the products that allow me to practice my passion play an essential role. They must accompany me, sublimate me and allow me to keep all my attention on my effort to enjoy the environment in which I am. As EVADICT Textile and running glasses product manager, I have to design products designed for trail running with the help of runners and answering their needs.