Product Manager

Hello, I am Gaëtan Pitaval, product manager for Trail Running equipment. I develop with the Evadict design teams the Bags, belts, poles, hydration solutions and small accessories dedicated to Trail runners. I joined Decathlon in 2000 because I’m sports addict enthusiast. I have been passionate about Trail running for ten years and I live this sport at 100%. What makes me dream in this sport is the freedom, escape, and the sharing with genuine people. Today with the trail equipment design teams, I try to develop increasingly technical and efficient products in order to guarantee the best technical price ratio on the market. This is what we achieved on the bags by becoming the 2nd European Trail brand. Our ambition is to become N ° 1. Personally, I also have a passion for Trail stories and in 2020, I launched the Trail Story podcast, every week thousands of French-speaking trail runners listen to testimonials and stories from passionate trail runners, athletes, coaches, race organizers … Happy Trail Adventure to all of you with Evadict