MArie Dohin


Her express CV :

My top 5 results in Trail :
– 5th ex aequo TDS in 2021
– 1st Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise 2021
– French Long Trail Team Champion 2016
– 1st Intégrale des Causses 2016
– 1st Meribel Trail 2021

From cows in Normandy... To the marmots of Meribel!

I am 37 years old and I am the happy mother of a little Anna-Lou who will soon become a big sister. I’m in charge of communication for the Méribel Tourist Office, so obviously for trail training, the playground is easier to access. But basically, it was for my husband that we came to the mountains: a professional hockey player, he was in the middle of a career change, and what was only supposed to last a year became a joint life project. I was immersed in the world of running from a very young age: cross-country, athletics school… I loved the atmosphere of the cross-country races at school where we all had the impression of being future champions and above all of being part of a team. At home, my father, a marathon runner, also kept this myth alive. I grew up in “Pom Pom Girl” mode on the side of the road, cheering on my dad in magical places like London, Rotterdam and New York, but also, closer to home, all the marathons on the banks of the Loire.

For my part, I followed the classic route of the girl who showed a predisposition for endurance: 3000, 5000… and on my 25th birthday I was at the start of my first marathon in Paris with my dad, the circle was complete! The funniest part of the story is that trail running came into my life when my partner did it too. He wanted to run, but on the road, no way. He introduced me to trail running but, ironically, we started in Normandy! Not really the region known for its steep trails, but take my word for it, in the “leg-breaking” genre, they are there too. We ended up crossing the border by running in Brittany and one day, we went from Normandy to Annecy, with the Maxi Race. It was love at first sight! The same year, the Méribel project came into our lives, so we didn’t hesitate to pack our moving boxes.


For the record, I happened to be a member of the first 100% women’s trail team created in France but it was for Kari Traa which is an outdoor brand from Norway that is itself exclusively female. Even if it would have been fun, it would not have been easy to recruit male ambassadors 😉. And another little story and not the least, I happen to be pregnant with my future second child, so the proposal to join this team surprised me a lot. It takes a lot of nerve and confidence to make such a proposal! I’m lucky enough to have, as with my first pregnancy, which is going very well. Of course I’m a bit more tired this time but that’s totally normal, now I have a little one waiting for me at home who needs all the attention she deserves. For the first one, I only had myself to take care of. And I’m not even talking about my professional life! I’ll let you imagine the work when you start a new season after a winter like we had more than a year ago. There is also a question of season: the first one was mainly in the summer months, this one in the winter months. So I’m adapting to find a good balance and continue to enjoy the outdoors, while obviously not taking any unnecessary risks for myself and my baby.



On the Olympus challenge on April 10th… The concept? You climb on foot and come back down in a gondola, ideal for not taking any risks with baby!

This is a subject that is increasingly discussed, whether in magazines or on social networks, and certainly one of the most complicated to deal with since every woman is different and, above all, every pregnancy is different! We can’t state any truths or assertions because what worked for the first one may not work for the second. The advantage of being a sportswoman at our level is that we can also count on a perfect knowledge of our body, which is not the case for all women. I was lucky enough to come across a very good osteopath after my first pregnancy who helped me with my recovery and I already have in mind her advice to ease up on the next one to finally save time on the next one. But let’s be clear, I’m absolutely not in a training mode at the moment, obviously!

As for my dream race, I had the TDS in mind and it’s ok, I already ticked the box last year by finishing 5th ex aequo with Sophie Woods. After a great fight with her in the mountains, we decided by mutual agreement to finish together hand in hand because yes, the trail spirit really does exist! I measure my luck because frankly to do “your dream race” on “the race of your dreams” is really a chance. I had a real psychological pressure I admit, I had in mind all the hours of preparation that I spent far from my daughter who obviously doesn’t remember it anymore since she was very small but the mother doesn’t forget. I was determined to do well that day and everything went according to plan.
I also still have the Diagonale des Fous in the back of my mind, which unfortunately is not a good time in my professional life. Now for my 40th birthday… Like Adeline who ironically is the same year as me! So expect to see us both on the starting line in 2024! I’m lucky enough to have already been to Reunion Island on holiday, so of course I want to go back there one day with a bib on my shirt. I must admit that it would be great that year if our super team was present in force. To be continued, girls!

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Article written by Cecile Bertin, Run Fit & Fun.