Our team of trail running enthusiasts designed these poles to save you energy and provide stability when trail running in the mountains with elevation gains.

Design and technology

Poles designed to save you time!

The priority for trail runners regarding their poles: they must be quick to store and unfold. That’s why we designed these very lightweight poles (282 g per pair). And so that they do not hinder you when racing, the 110 cm poles are 37 cm long when folded (40 cm in the 120 cm size and 43 cm in the 130 cm size). Descend without a care in the world!

How to choose the size of your trail running poles?

To choose the right size of trail running poles, your elbows must be at a right angle when holding the poles:
– Runner height from 155 to 170 cm = 110 cm poles
– Runner height from 171 to 181 cm = 120 cm poles
– Runner height taller than 182 cm = 130 cm poles

Why use trail running poles?

The purpose of trail running poles is to help you when climbing by saving you energy and providing balance, stability and safety in challenging sections. They also act as stabilisers and shock absorbers, helping you stop yourself when descending.

How to unfold and fold the poles?

A quick-release push-button for rapid folding and unfolding, even when moving.

Poles that have been tested and approved!

Our poles are initially tested in a laboratory to examine their durability. Our design team then had them tested by experienced male and female trail runners in real-life trail running conditions on the Mont Sainte-Victoire.
We used the results to produce these ultralight and compact trail running poles that are very quick to fold and unfold: less than 2 seconds to unfold them and less than 3 seconds to fold them up again!

A comfortable handle that suits every grip.

The grip of the poles is composed of a highly resistant, durable and very comfortable EVA foam. The size of the handle has been designed to fit every grip. It is longer giving trail runners an equally comfortable low grip in addition to the conventional high grip. After all, everyone has their own style!

What techniques are used when running with trail running poles?

Using poles when running is a relatively technical exercise that requires a little practice. For the beginner trail runner using poor technique, poles are likely to have the reverse effect of wasting energy.

There are 2 ways of using trail running poles, whether you are going downhill or uphill: simultaneous or alternating. Which one you choose will depend on the gradient of the slope and the space available for using the poles:

Simultaneous push-off technique when running with trail running poles:

The simultaneous push-off technique is quite useful on steep slopes. It relieves pressure on your thighs as you haul yourself up with your arms or when descending to hold yourself back and give your legs a rest. You can take several strides each time before your poles touch the ground. Try and lean forward and drive your poles into the ground.


The alternating technique is more suitable when there is less space available and the slope is moderate. This technique requires less power and involves alternating your right and left leg. The opposite arm plants the pole in front, while the other arm is behind you and in the air. In this case, it’s best not to drive the pole too hard into the ground to maintain a better rhythm. Try and take smaller steps for this technique to become more natural.

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