take everything you need

Designed by our team of enthusiasts, this 15 L bag provides you with an efficient way to carry all the mandatory gear on ultra trail runs from 80 to 300 km.

Design and technology

the word of our product manager

After working on this bag for more than two years with the entire design team, I thought that it was time to highlight the passion and know-how that drives our team on a daily basis.
Two years of R&D, analyses, design, prototype development and tests were needed to produce this bag. Check out this film that tells its story.

15 litres and 15 pockets, to keep everything within easy reach while trail running.

There are 8 pockets at the front so you can reach your essentials in a single move:
– Pockets for 2 soft 500 mL flasks
– Waterproof zipped pocket for your smartphone
– Velcro pocket for your gels and bars
– Mesh pocket for your rubbish
It also features 7 pockets at the back to store all your mandatory gear: your documents in a protected pocket, 1 survival blanket… And a mesh pocket to keep your rain jacket to hand at all times.

A bag designed to keep you hydrated on trail runs

With space for a 2-litre water bladder at the back (included, attached by hooking on) and 2 front pockets for 500-mL flasks, this bag allows you to carry up to 3 litres of water in total.
Considering that you drink an average of 500 mL of water per hour while trail running, that gives you 6 hours of autonomy. Enough to give you peace of mind between aid stations, even in ultra trail!

A bag so light you don't even notice it

Available in 3 sizes (XS/S, M/L, XL) and easy to adjust:
– you can adjust the height of the 3 front straps
– the 2 straps on the side pockets adjust the tightness of the bag
Result: Your bag stays so stable you’ll forget you’ve even got it on while trail running.

A design loaded with details, to make your life easy

Your tube is held in pace by a magnetic attachment: it goes back in its place automatically when you let it go
– The kangaroo pocket at the back lets you access your rain jacket in one move
– Your smartphone is within easy reach, in a waterproof zipped pocket at the front
– The 110 dB safety whistle is incorporated inside a front pocket

Never run without your poles?

We wanted a bag that’ll take you to the end of your trails in complete safety and that can carry all your mandatory gear. We took our customers’ opinions into account, for instance adding the smartphone pocket.
We designed it for ultra trail, the most demanding category there is. Then we did two series of protocolled tests, which yielded excellent results.
We’re proud of this product, we spent a lot of time working on its stability, compartmentalization and accessibility.

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